Ok – so this weekend I’m heading to Sugoi – and just so ya know – I’m doing an IHL Spotlight panel – and I promise during it, I’m going to be answering the question of ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING TO IHL AFTER STRIP 1000’

Oh, is it really a question? Might be. o_O

UPDATE: Ok – I really feel I should let you all know that the ’78’ in grey is.. a mistake. It should be the proper 17, but someone was very sleepy when adding detail last night. Thank so many of you for emailing, asking, commenting, and the like. I remember a time not forever ago that a crack appeared in the comic.. and I started getting the emails ‘Jamie, the comic has a glitch or something…’

I love my observant fans… you guys rock, and the number will be fixed when I get home from the day job.