Heya all

A couple of notes about today’s strip:
1 – I didn’t want to like My Little Pony. I just didn’t. I watched on the recommendation of Josh Grelle and sighed because immediately I realized from the fact that Lauren Faust was doing it that I probably would like it. She’s the same girl who did Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home… so yeah.. I’m not going to go as far as to say I’m a ‘Brony’ (Look it up) – Me and the wifey have enjoyed it…

2 – I’ve also been doing a lot of goofy online #occupy jokes around the facebooks and the tweetsters.. please let it be known that I am a lover of subculture and of the underdog (who DIDN’T chant Rudy in the middle of Lord of the Rings) and I wholly support activism with a message – at the very least, if I don’t support the message, I love the fact that you can have one.. So don’t take any of my goofball #occupyPeterMoody or #occupyElmSt bits bother you.. its done with love.

Oh – and do you like Doctor Who… CLICK THIS