At every 50 or so I feel the need to give a little speech. I get up on my IHL podium and I talk about the people that have gotten me here, and the things I’ve done wrong, or the things I’m proud of or yadda yadda.

So – thank you. Thank you to all of the fans that continue to ride the dot train. This past 50 has been hard on me. I say that not in the same way other times I’ve said that have been. It took me a long time to get through this story, and a lot has to do with just life. I’ve been doing this comic consistently for now, a quarter of my entire life. 25%. At times I’ve missed a strip, but never have I had binges of skips like I did this past year, and I’m sorry to you guys that have gotten annoyed. I can only say that life happens, and especially when stuff was hectically bad, I’ve been strong on my schedule, that when a lot of little gets in the way.. it can get hard to juggle.

I also laid low on the convention scene this past year again. I seem to go on and off again, and most of that is work schedules. It is so hard to get away from the mundane to cons as regular as I’d want to. (And I hate driving) I had a strong convention year last year, and a medium sized one this year, and next year is looking big as I’m bringing Evil-Con places and promoting it. It is a prime opportunity to promote IHL and This Day In Alt-History.

So, I’m keeping this simple with just a huge thanks to everyone. Whether you have been on this ride since the beginning or near beginning, have been a friend or fellow comicker, a con-chair that has let me grace your floors as a guest or alley attendant, or are a newer fan that just discovered me in the last year or two… thanks for being here, and as IHL has evolved (or de-evolved as I know some think) into a storyline comic instead of a strip a day sort, I still have a couple more tricks up my sleeve and one major announcement to make.. just not yet. I will tell you it has to do with a little grey number in the bottom right.

Oh – and for the Chris lovers out there – and there are quite a few – I look forward to your hate mail.