I can’t believe I’ve buffered.

There is a legend amongst webcomickers. It is of the concept that you can do more than one strip at a time. Hell, you can do multiple strips at a time. If you do… you don’t post them all at once. You post them on your scheduled posting days for future dates. Hell, if you do 5 strips… that’s 5 updates you don’t have to worry about.

In the last few weeks, especially since Ba-Con – I’ve found that I have been so forward thinking about IHL and other projects that both this and Alt-History have had miraculous buffers the likes that has only been seen when I go on the rare vacation.

So here’s to knowing what is going on in the strip til #950 and beyond… given my recent lack of proper updates, it feels right to be perfectly on time for at least the next two weeks.

And if I have never ever said it – I would like to personally thank Peter Chiykowski of Paper, Rock, Cynic – a man in whom I don’t believe I’ve ever met personally. I see his ad in a lot of places, and I’m sure that he just has a very strongly programmed regiment on Project Wonderful – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the fact that I always see his comic sitting in my advert bins, and it is a DAMN funny comic. So please give him a check out, and tell him I sent you. Thanks for supporting my world sir, and I hope I’ve helped support yours in some way.

Oh and.. this shits about to CUHRAZY…. reasonably speaking, of course.