Ah – unscheduled vacations…

Give me a couple strips and I’ll explain all the latencies. There is a reason and I only actually just realized it myself. I don’t want to do it just yet though. There isone of those moments where you will go ‘awwwwww’.. promise.

Now onto other things. First – please go look at Evil-Con and tell me what you think.

Second, Zack asked about the private Minecraft server – and the answer is – YES.. there IS a private Minecraft server. Currently, the server owner is addicted, and I can find him by logging in and going ‘Hey.. uhmm.. can we talk’ to which he responds ‘WAIT WAIT.. MY MOB GRINDER IS ALMOST READY!’ – The minute that is done, I’m sure he and I will discuss the legaleze of me letting my dotty millions onboard. Or at least the half dozen of you that play Minecraft.

Ok – for now, enjoy and we’ll talk soon. Oh! And I’ll be at Ba-Con all weekend. If you are in Ohio, come see me!