And another milestone… 900… wow. So, I’m taking a break. If you are still interested, there are spots still open for guest week, be you creator or fan.. just send it on down and it’ll go up with a thank you and a mention of whatever you want plugged.

Let me just say that every 100 or so comics I kinda have to look back at what I’ve done and I have to say that at this point I’m so happy with the comic that I’ve amassed. I mean look at all those guys up there. Those are the ones I don’t even use that much, and they all are pretty interesting characters!

That having been said – since the last megastone, I got married and had one of the oddballiest years of my life – but the future is looking very bright for dotboy over here, and I want to thank all of you that have been with me, be it from strip 1 or just getting to the end of the archive for the first time… thanks.

I’ll be posting blogs, but I figured you guys would enjoy a cliffhanger for a change. Also, I don’t know if the HTML works for everyone, but if it doesn’t – while you are looking at the page, you should be hearing Flight of the Valkyries.

Much love – always.