It’s the weekend kids!

Ok – the craziest thing in the world is that because of this whole extra comics thingy… I have a buffer!? It’s not a buffer enough to cover the next month of comics (because we go 5 days a week next week) but it is the beginning of something I have never ever had… a comic buffer.

I’m not sure if I like it, funny enough. You see when I am only one comic ahead, which is the most I am ever up, usually… I know what’s coming NEXT WEEK… and I am all ‘come oooonnn…. everyone get that far already…. PLEEEEASE’ I get impatient for YOU guys. I also am regularly arguing about what order the comics should go in. This strip is NOT the next strip that I did sequentially, but when looking at the 10 or so that are sitting on my computer, it made more sense to go forward with this so the next few are sequentially perfect. I did one that I don’t think is going to appear until much later. It’s madness. Is it better? Probably. Could I do it on a regular basis? I don’t think my sanity could take it!

Enjoy the weekend!