I’m glad to see you guys are all talking BatDots.. ha. It seems my desktop obsession runs with whatever is currently on my mind. Having seen the trailer for Arkham City and playing Lego Batman with the wife, it clearly is the cowl’d one.

I have one more busy weekend and then I’m free of all holiday activities. After that, I should be ready to settle in and get to dotting. I did the math, and the extra 15 strips means that if I run straight from January 15th to February 15th, I will be allowing myself two days leniency. That’s cuh-RAZY. So I think I’m going to adjust my time table a slight bit. I promise you will still get your extra 15 strips! I just think it will be spread out over the course of 5 weeks instead of 4. That means starting the week of the 17th, IHL will be almost every day until I’ve hit that extra 15 strip mark… which is going to most DEFINITELY bring us to 900 faster than I expected.

Time flies when you are on the run, I guess. =)

Hope New Year is starting well for all,