A quick call out to Phasma who last strip commented ‘POP PO!’ and I was GOING to do that.. I went another direction. The honest to goodness thought was that I wouldn’t know what to do with him popped. I’ve spent the last month rebuilding the strip I decided to blow up. I just didn’t want to spend another month inflating Po. =)

I haven’t mentioned it much, so I’m throwing it out there, I’m COMPLETELY happy with where the Donate-o-Tron is at, and if I don’t receive another droplet of donation, I’ll be utterly thankful to everyone, whether you donated a $1 or $10. It is there, and as we move into the end of the year I figured I’d mention it. If you have donated before, do not donate again. Also, I’m THRILLED with what I’ve made, and if another dollar comes down the pike – I will nohow be disappointed. A big percent of my hosting expenses are now covered for the year.. that’s what matters most.

So one last thing – as I post this, to my left is an advert for Dirk Tiede’s Paradigm Shift. Just want to throw a little shout out to Dirk, who has an amazingly fun (if not OBVIOUSLY cliched) Cop Werewolves In Chicago. (The cliched part was a joke..) Give it a shot, and he’s got a sale on the first few books which are the perfect gift for the werewolf, cop, sausage eater in YOUR family. =)

Enjoy your week.

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