First off…

That’s the incentive desktop.. but its really really tiny. Much too tiny for you to put as your desktop at home. Everyone that has donated since I started the DONATEOTRON and everyone afterwards will receive this as their thank you gift in a nice full screen 1440×900 version. So for the price of a buck, you can celebrate the real Wonka with me and the Dots. Thanks guys.

Next! It is the first day of December, which means that we start the traditional IHL Advent calendar. A lot has kind of happened since I did this last year. Mostly, places like Myspace, Livejournal, and the like have fallen out of favor to Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure WHERE you guys are going to post this, but it is here for you to post it on your site du jour, and every day a little piece of the calendar will peel away like magic! It is just another way of saying thanks for enjoying the comic.

Happy December all!

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