See I gave you 5 days in a row and then I’m late for Sunday/Monday update. Murphy’s Law… A lot has to do with me getting ready for the ANACHRONISM event that I helped host at Webster Hall. That’s right kids, hosted stuff at Webster Hall. Some of you go ‘Umm.. so?’ and others go ‘Neat! Umm.. and?’ – but it was cool for me.

So it is time for me to talk to you guys frankly. I hate doing things like this, but I’m as honest as I can be with everything, so I’m going to be honest here too. I’m not doing horribly. I’m not losing my job or my car or dying of a horrible brain cloud. Life isn’t disgusting for the good ol Hatton guy – but it ain’t great. Won’t deny it. Debt accrues in various ways like it does in everyone’s lives. As my goal and new years rez for 2011, I WILL BE DEBT FREE (or REALLY close to it).. even if I have to take another small part time job, move to a smaller apartment, and sell a few things.

Convention costs, travel costs, printing costs, wedding costs, have wiped out my buffer. So for the second time in the history of this comic, I’m coming to you guys. For the rest of the year, I’m going to have a donate button posted somewhere. (Probably to the left of the strip) with a DONATE-O-TRON. If you donate anything – from a dollar on – there will be an incentive desktop. I’ll let you guys know in advance what it’s going to be. For every $10 I make, I will do EXTRA STRIPS in January through February. If I make 150.. that will work out to 15 more strips between January and February. If I have to, I’ll continue to extend it through March, etc.

So yes, I’m throwing the ‘help a brother out’ card – but you will get a new desktop every two weeks and extra strips for as long as my mouse button can click. I think that is a pretty sweet deal, Wade. If you can’t do it.. trust me, I understand – and I am SO aware that I’m not the only one out there having a rough time of things.

So here’s the button to donate. There is no desktop attached yet – but if you donate before it’s done, I’ll make sure it gets to you. (As long as you don’t donate anonymously…)

Thanks again – IHL is the ship – but you guys are the anchor. Holy shit I need to put that on a Hallmark card.