Ok.. still, the bridal shower strip is still bigger.. but this one might be my most odd.

Ok – so the last time I did this it went so well, we’re doing it again! Today is another IHL SHARE DAY! That means that if you share IHL somewhere – you get a brand new desktop! This one might be the most UNCANNY desktop I’ve every created! You might say it has that certain X-FACTOR that people talk about desktops having. You might say it is ASTONISHING, perhaps. Others might say that you don’t need to be a CYCLOPS to weather this STORM. Only a NIGHTCRAWLER would avoid a COLOSSUS of a deal like this. Umm… …err… wolverine.

So, to get this GIANT SIZE X-DESKTOP you are going to need to post up today’s strip to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Redd-It, etc. I don’t care WHERE you post it – but tell people loudly and proudly that Hatton has DONE IT AGAIN! Support the dot nation and let me know via any of these fantastic vehicles of internet transportation, and I will promptly send you the secret link to a new and shiny IHL desktop!

You guys rock.