Oh, sometimes I am so happy with a dumb pun…

Lemme tell ya. On a day where I don’t go to work because somebody crosswired jumper cables on my car, and it is at the shop to get fixed – (Thankfully just one blown fuse) one would think that I would get a bunch of IHL work done. One would think that even if I don’t get a bunch of IHL work done, it is because I’m attaching lawnmowers to chainsaws or steak knives to flamethrowers (making the elusive and amazing ‘flaming steak knife thrower’) in Dead Rising 2.

One would think that… one would be wrong. What instead, one does, is finishes the book he was reading ‘JOHN DIES AT THE END’ (fantastic book) and builds some websites, while getting household chores done. So it wasn’t that it wasn’t a productive day yesterday, just not an IHL productive day. Sad, as I’ve been doing very good at having IHL days lately.

Ah well, at least I have the weekend.

PS – I know the background color of a couple of these strips and the colors of the site don’t match. I’m running into a legendary problem amongst Adobe folk known as the ‘ILLUSTRATOR SATURATION PROBLEM’ – I’ve fixed it now, and hopefully I’ll remember to go back and fix the last couple comics accordingly.