Hi everyone!

So for those who are unaware, on Wednesday I did SHARE DAY where I blanket posted around facebook and twitter to share up IHL and in return I sent those that participated a new IHL Desktop!

This idea went so well and reconnected me with some old readers that had fallen away over the years, so thanks!

This is bringing a new idea to mind.. actually making an old idea come back to haunt me. I think I’m going to start doing regular little projects like this. It helps me build up a larger fanbase as well as gets me more interactive with fans. I’m sure many of you know how interactive I am.. hell, I’ve become friends with tons of you because of this strip.

Anyway, the first desktop was a success and makes me want to do some more, so I’m going to do my best to do monthly Desktops and monthly Share Days or something akin. Then, when the new Desktop is up, I’ll publically post up the prior month’s. That means those of you who DON’T participate still can have something cool, but those that do get something extra.

Whatcha think?