Thank you all for the electric puns with the last post – I resisted the urge to charge on in and make my own posts.. you guys seemed to be having a blast with your own current affairs.

So just want to say thanks to Chris and Co at Wild Pig Comic Con – as always, the legend of the Wild Pig lives on. It is sad that the store is gone, but it slowly evolves into something bigger than Chris could even have ever dreamed. Good job, sir.

Also – big ups to Ey’ Dern of Hello With Cheese and Ross of The System for the good times. Not to mention Phil of Joe Loves Crappy Movies and Bernie from Alien Loves Predator.

Also – you want to hear me and a couple of folks wax poetic about the X-Men for 20 minutes? Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak caught up with people at the Wild Pig show.. just so happened when he found me, I was praising Second Coming. Thanks Guys!

Last thing – be sure to keep checking THE SYSTEM this week as it is #FUTUREWORLDPROBLEMS week, and I don’t know when my comic is going in… but I assume it will be in there eventually. Yeah, I did a comic for someone.. don’t judge me. =)

See ya,