UPDATE – Strip will be up on Saturday! Sorry on the lateness!!

Everybody has their own creative process.

Since I’m currently living between two apartments, my process includes doing my work on one computer, and then on update days, remote logging in and making sure everything is set to update. When an update doesn’t happen as it’s supposed to, I have to go login remotely and find out what the hell is going on.

So when the cable modem at one apartment is down, I’m floating in the middle of limbo. That was the situation this morning as I could login for roughly 30 seconds at a clip before it would boot me off. Thankfully, I was able to get everything situated in 30 second bursts and we have a comic today. Neato, eh?

Couple things:
1 – Cosplay Burlesque (the troupe I host with) now has a twitter over at @cosplayburlyq
2 – This weekend I’ll be at Wild Pig Con II in Springfield, NJ – you should come and buy things (from Chris, not me as much.. but I’m cool too)

Love yas,