So for those who haven’t been to the site since Weds… umm.. hi.

It seems something blew up, and I’m in the process of fixing it. Without meaning to, I gave IHL a facelift. Some of it is going to stay and some of it is going to go back to normal. I really miss the cycling titlebars, but I really love the widgets. I’m unsure about the advertising on the left side of the page.

Again, this was COMPLETELY unintentional, as I went and updated some software/theme stuffs and didn’t realize that the entire site would go kablooey. Behind the scenes, the new set-up offers me a LOT of leeway that I didn’t have, so it is ultimately a good thing, but some of the uglier elements of the site need to be fixed before I feel comfortable saying it was a successful mistake.

So hope I didn’t burn off your eyes. =)