Good morning kiddos.

Not much to say this fine morning – but if all goes well, by Sunday I should have all my con scheduling information fixed. I know that box to the right is brutally out of date.

Ravencon.. Geez.. that was like.. DECADES ago at this point. I’ve pissed off TONS of cons since then.

And on that note – I’m officially apologizing for the way I said things last week about Otakon. I stand firm in some of my beliefs about THE SHOW – but in the mix of me trying to state that, I let myself get all inflamey and called someone a douchebag and let minutae like issues of waivers and wristbands get in the way of my problems with the show itself. If anyone wants to discuss that in a constructive and cohesive way, I’d be happy to EMAIL WITH YOU.. (revvoice-at-gmail)

So to anyone who I offended, I apologize. My diatribe was the katamari’d problems of three years of finding that my honest and constructive critiques felt completely ignored. So I stamped my feet and called everyone poopiepants. I’m more astounded that this time it got noticed.

See you kids Friday