Nobody noticed I skipped the Fourth.. did they?

I spent the entire weekend out and about. I barely touched a computer, with maybe the exception of checking email. It really was quite nice. So yeah, I missed the fourth… I kinda felt guilty about that, so maybe I’ll make it up to ya.. MAYBE!

Anyway, as I mentioned last week, I got engaged so my life has once again been thrown into no end of excitement and change. That shouldn’t effect the comic, but it inevitably does in ways you guys don’t see. Add in some drama with a car and a summer that has all of a sudden become hotter than hellfire and I really will get focussed again shortly. Thankfully, this storyline is writing itself.

I’m sure there are some of my younger readers that has NO idea why ‘The Rainbow Coalition’ is funny (ok, “funny”) So I direct you to Wikipedia to give it a quick looksie.

Ok kids, back to waving my sweaty thighs in front of the air conditioner… trust me… its hotter than it sounds. The temperature, not the thigh thing.