Hiya guys!

Presales are coming along nicely, and remember, if you tweet the comic with the hashtag #dotsciples, you have the ability to win a free book! Get to it you silly kids!

I think this tends to be one of those times that the build up is always the exciting part, and by the time you are ready to promote and do the street work.. you are sick of looking at it. Do you think Stephen King is sick of his novels after he’s done doing the promotional tour and all that b.s.? Because he’s a gabillionaire and does A LOT more promotion than I do. I bet by the end of it he looks at the book and goes ‘good job guy’ and then tries to not look at the book for another few years.

I admit I can’t wait to see these books in print, but the amount of time I’ve spent just staring at Adobe screens (even up until and including today as the book goes into the printer later in the week) have driven me just the slightest bit mad.

Ok – enough insanity. Please go and prebuy and please go spread around the news that the new book debuts at WildPigCon, but you can get it mailed to you May 7th!