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Me and my lady just saw Cop Out today – and in the trailers was the commercial for Clash of the Titans.. now, I love – LOVE – love the original 1981 version. This one is going to annoy me with all of it’s sleek CGI and amazing battle sequences.. when all I want is for a giant claymation cyclops on a blue screen background with a dude obviously standing in the foreground fighting him.

Anyway, it got me to hunting around to see which of the IHL Pantheons have had movie characters… God & the Devil obviously win. The Devil has 550+ entries in his IMDB where God only has around 300.. it’s almost embarrassing. Anyway, that was the brain child behind this strip. The original punchline had Po discussing the original Clash and saying ‘The guy in that movie’s best role was Van Helsing from Monster Squad’… but there was no way to properly fit it in panel and make it as funny.

BTW – That fact is totally true.