Refocussing Refocussing.

I’m utterly impatient. I just sorted out my job world. I just got better from my one winter sickness. I sat yesterday in fron tof my computer screen for a good hour… just sat. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t draw. I couldn’t design. I couldn’t anything. I just sat. Eventually, I went over to Kongregate and played a bunch of flash games – which is precisely the LAST thing you are supposed to do when you are trying to focus on creating. Do not distract yourself – which is hard because I’ve built myself a brilliant little kingdom of distractions.

Anyway, it had been awhile since Zeke and Lucy had tried to go out on a date.. what better than the ‘all the girls are squeeing about it’ Tim Burton thing.

Baph’s original quote was ‘YAY! I’M THE DORMOUSE!’ in the hopes that it would be clear they were dressing up to go to the film, but I realized that was way too Lucy of a thing to say. Anyway, hope you all enjoy your weekend’s end.