Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I want to thank new reader Jordan for sending me an email about the site. There has been a problem with the way WordPress handles moving from comic related pages and non-comic related pages. (Like when I was doing my ‘Influences’ blogs) that when you got to those pages, they wouldn’t let you back to the comic. I don’t know why it was happening, but I had thought it was nipped in the bud.. but how often do you go and hit NEXT on 700+ comics.. ya know?

So, Jordan pointed it out and I went and investigated. Lo and behold, the issue still existed and has for dot knows HOW long.

You will now note (if you are the type to note these sorts of things) that when you go to an individual page, it’s listed differently than it was before. If you have any links that sent people to specific IHL pages.. they sadly no longer work, but now I think I should be able to post things underneath this post and have them stay out of the standard FORWARD/NEXT of looking through the comic.

It’s all way inside of how the site works, but I did want to thank Jordan, and give you guys the heads up that all former IHL links might not work. (Unless you were just directing them to the main page.. which is fine too)

Enjoy your Monday.