I’ve been a neglectful father…

Let me explain. As of every February these last few years, I’ve blown up some aspect in my life in the hopes to make the rest of my life better. This year was employment. A few weeks ago I started pushing hard to find a new job and just as the new offer was near to being on the table, I told S-Bux that they could shove it. I’m done with food service for the hopeful rest of my life. I don’t have the patience for the nitpicking of neither the customers nor the management.

All of this right on the eve of Wicked Faire, which was, as always, a monster event that recharged my batteries and made me feel one and whole with my personal fiefdom of freakdom.

So Tuesday was my first day back sitting at a desk with a tie on, and let me tell you.. I don’t want to wear a tie the rest of my life, but if I had to choose a tie while typing on a computer and wearing a lime green apron while SETTING A TIMER FOR HOW LONG I HAVE TO WASH MY HANDS, I would gladly staple the tie to my throat for my remaining days.

A little part of me that has been altogether too quiet recently is coming back to life. Feels nice.

I’ll make up the missing strip to you guys in March. I’m thinking another 7 day strip bender.

Or 6… definitely more than 3 anyway.

PS – To StabMan84 who noted the “black dot with the firehose” irony.. it wasn’t lost on me, and trust me… I ran through a DOZEN punchlines about that very fact, but none of them came out very ‘GOD’ISH’ nor very funny. I’m thrilled someone else saw it the way I did.