Hey guys, well time for me to apologize for missing a day again. It’s a decent excuse I think… and one that should actually help future productivity.

You see, my darling girlfriend Debbie is horrible at holding secrets. So when the UPS guy knocked on the door and she screamed ‘DON’T LOOK’.. I had to back away quietly not paying attention the box, or the confused man with a electronic clipboard for me to sign. This was apparently my Christmas present.

This turned into a promise from me not to look, look up what I did see on the box, or even try and guess at what it was from the size of the box. From there it morphed into the possibility that whatever the box was wouldn’t “fit” or “work” or “be the right color” or “might need to be taken back” etc. So there was a leading thought that I should open it RIGHT THEN AND THERE….

Sooo.. I’ve spent the last 24 hours setting up my new computer, including all the new versions of the software that I use to get IHL together. Smoother than silk this thing is, and it has yet to even whet it’s blade on a GAME! (That’s tomorrow)

So now with this speedy thing, I won’t spend hours hunkered down trying to get Illustrator to react just how I want it to. I’ll find a NEW reason to be pissed off at Illustrator.

Anyway, thanks hon! (I don’t even know if she reads the comic anymore.. so if she ever sees this, she’ll smile then.)

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