I can only assume this lag on my side will go away when I’m done moving in.

I can only hope. I’m not forgetting IHL, I just tend to feel there aren’t enough hours in the day.

No, I’m not stopping the comic either, but I think I just have to stop apologizing so much. I AM sorry and annoyed at myself for the lags… I just have to punch myself to get better at it.

So there ya go. No more apologies. I think the best way to fix it is to give you guys something MORE as soon as my personal life lag clears up. Probably a week or so of strips when I go to Kentucky for SugoiCon.

Well, here’s something that will make the comicky girls out there go ‘AWWW’ – you should go check out my friend Lauren’s new product BLANK-EES – tell her I sentcha. 😉