Me again! On time for a Weds. Yay!

First off, you guys are great. I say that a lot. Maybe one of these days you’ll believe it. I wanted to just let you know that when I asked for a thought process on Sunday, I wasn’t saying that I needed a break from IHL. I did that once in the last year. I’m not allowed to again for awhile. That would be bad juju to the webcomic gods. I don’t go and do 600 or so strips with nary a single break only to take two in a year and a half! I’m made of much sterner stuff… I just need to figure out a way to find time to do a strip on Sunday *laugh*.

Thanks for the support though. As a note, I wasn’t planning on doing an Internet/Rita strip when I sat down to work… but the idea came to me of Rita getting mad at Internet and turning into a BROKEN PIC LINK.. and I was done. I had to do it. Still makes me giggle.

Have a great Weds all.