Strip #650!!! No big hoopla… no major huzzah… why?

Oh, you’ll see. =) I decided this batch of hundred needed a different watermark. A different point of celebration. What? When!? WHOOO!!?!?!

I’ve been looking forward to this storyline for a good two months now.

So. Important things:
CONNECTICON 2009 – Two weeks! I’ll be there (Thanks to Mr. Darren ‘Dear Pirate’ Gendron
4PI-CON 2009 – August! I’ll be there (Thanks to Jeff ‘Wicked Faire’ Mach!
– I just got an email from a sci-fi con for 2010… Info forthcoming… but I think maybe it’s time to hit the cons.

I hope you all have a great time at Otakon. I am so sad I’m going to miss it this year, but some work things were hashed out and that’s why those other two cons are go. I’ll miss not seeing you there… a shit-ton. I LOVE Otakon… not being there will make me sad.

Ok.. have a great time all.

Geekerdome Status – IHL #8