Sorry it took so long today.. work was hell. I am glad you guys all enjoyed the ‘SAGETPWN’ story. I’m sure I’ll use the term again.. possibly along with the oft unheard of ‘COULIERPWN’ and the never before seen ‘STAMOSPWN’. What entails a stamospwn… dot only knows.

Anyway, since we’re on FAQ day, I’ll tell you exactly how this silly reoccuring joke came about. I’m fairly certain since the beginning of the strip, I’ve only had one FALLBACK joke. That being the Holy Ghost / Pac Man thing. Very famous strips have very obvious reoccuring jokes, such as PVP’s Panda Attack. When I describe the strip to people, I’ve said things like ‘Oh, it’s very into mythology and pop culture… and then I make a dick joke’. The truth is, I can’t think of ANY dick jokes I’ve actually made. How do you make a dick joke when every one of your characters is not only a deity, but a big flippin circle. So I came up with the idea of just doing a week of strips where the characters get hit in the ‘nuts’ with baseball bats.

That’s how the creative process works. Tada. ‘I’ve never made a joke where someone gets hit in the balls… LET’S DO IT!’

So one last thing before we get to the whole QnA bit. Good friend ‘OG’ Matt over at Big Kev’s Geek Stuff has a petition to get his and Kev’s show back onto XM-202. These guys have been a supporter of IHL for a long time, and they deserve all the fame in the world… so HIT THIS LINK and give them the signature they deserve.

K, enough shilling. Now onto your questions:
Ronboy asks:
Have you ever been rollin’ wit Saget? He’s the coolest mofo in a cardigan sweater!
Now everybody threw their hands in the ay-urr
Bob is drunk with a gun and he just don’t cay-urr
–For those who aren’t aware of what this is.. look up ‘Rollin With Saget’ on Youtube.

Blair of Convent Studios asks:
What do you see as the perfect situation for the Devil to be in with a scantily clad woman?
This is an interesting question, as I’d like to believe that every character has a little part of me in them. Given the multitude of situations I can possibly forsee the Devil enjoying (And in turn, myself) with scantily clad nubile women… I think the best answer is ‘whichever one will grant the most scantily clad women, with the most amount of attentions on my..ahem.. himself, for the longest period of time.’

Beadle writes:
If Chris (or the Anti-Chris as he appears to be) was a cos-player who became a god, are there any cos-players who now dress up as Chris?
You pose an interesting question, and I have YET to see someone cosplay as Chris. I’ve seen a few Lucys and one adorable baby Baph.. but never a Chris. There is the consideration that to have someone in a cosplay outfit of Chris, they are in fact creating an ‘infinite loop of costuming’ that would at the very least… be a bitch to sew. Cosplaying Chris might be the IHL equivalent of putting your portable hole in your bag of holding.

Beadle asks God specifically:
If Jesus was from the Middle-East, why does he have a Mexican name?
And God said…
The whole thing is a big debacle… I had meant to say ‘HEY! ZEUS!’ and things went awry from there.

Shidohari asked:
What does crotch beating with a bat have to do with saget owning?
And where Ali was nice enough to answer correctly, it’s my turn:
Bob Saget is a world renown ball smacker. It’s rare in this world that someone isn’t aware of his vehemence with a wiffleball bat. It’s also a strange occurance that whenever someone gets smacked in the nuts with a baseball bat, golf club, ball, etc – you can hear a voiceover of a ‘Saget-Like-Voice’ saying something purile and silly.

Ok – that’s it for this month’s Faq day. More to come!