Hey all – you asked questions.. I’ll answer them. No matter HOW inane. =)

Mike asks – Who is the MIGHTEST fan of them all.

For everyone else out there, this is from my good friend Mike who for the longest time had the nickname of MIGHTY.. so it goes without saying that he is my Mightiest fan. If someone would like to challenge for that title. I give them the right to do so.

pazEvilPants – Which is best?

My answer is that I sadly have never actually tried Grimlock. The once or twice that it’s been available to me, I felt that it was out of season. Nobody wants out of season Grimlock…

soak1313 – Are you going to Pittsburgh?

90% yes. It’s my favorite show of the year.

Nik – What are the Devilettes favorite movies?

These answers ARE variable as the Devilettes tend to like whatever is in front of them, but most consistantly I’d say Meph’s favorite is A Few Good Men, Baph’s is Rudy, and Lucy’s is a tie between The Rainbow Brite Movie and Full Metal Jacket… don’t ask.

vampirebunny – Answer: Purpley Maroon, what’s the question?

What is the most surprising color pants I own?

Mike – Which of the Devilettes are you most like?

Depends. I would say that overall, I’m probably externally Meph and internally Baph, and me at my best is Lucy. Every one of the characters in IHL is SOME aspect of my personality… but I think the Devilettes are the closest to the way I want to be all the time.

Jessi – Are you going to Connecticon?

Minor details still need to be worked out, but as far as I know.. yes. I look forward to seeing a couple of girls from MA there 😉

And lastly but not leastly,
epobpp – what God evolves into and from there what Lucy would evolve into.

One day this question might be answered, and if it’s a different funnier answer… well, none of this is on the record. So for now we say God turns into GODMANDER and Lucy turns into ‘PRINCESS ADORBALINA’ =)

And it would be wrong if I didn’t also post somebody’s Halloween costume from last year. I apologize to Jaimie for not posting this earlier.. and I have NO idea why I didn’t….
The first baby of IHL: Mikki!