Wow, you guys come out of the woodwork at the sweetest times. I just wnat to let you know that your words of support in my time of financial woes was not in any way shape or form a want for donations or anything.

I promise! Heh, I just wanted to make sure you guys all realize that I’m not doing conventions for a reason. Part being financial. The other part being creative. Last year I did a dozen or so cons and sales wise it just wasn’t worth it. Not for any other reason than I didn’t have a lot of new material. So you guys came up to me and wanted to buy stuff, but I didn’t have anything totally NEW. I wouldn’t sell you the same book twice, so without a new book – it just seems silly. =)

I will say though, since my last post, I’ve confirmed a few conventions… so nyeh. I’ll be at the following shows, and will be updating the right column shortly:
2 – ANIME NEXT (With Cosplay Burlesque)
3 – OTAKON (Probably)

So there… =) And if you are in any other part of the country and want me at your show, I definitely would be willing to listen to offers, but understand I would need some help getting to you. I don’t eat much, and all I need is a pillow. 😉