So, what about that heat! Geezus… I can’t wait til I can install my air conditioner. I mean it’s blazing here in Jersey. I’m sure there are people in Arizona right now going, ‘Shut up asshole’… and they’re probably right.

I should shut up.

Anyway, this closes up the Skynet storyline… mostly… might see some more bits in the future. I do like re-referencing myself, and seriously, there is no way in hell Internet wouldn’t try something like this AGAIN… right?!?!?

Then again, Champions Online is coming out soon, he’ll probably be busy.

Also, twitter folks. I occasionally (read: the last week or so) post the link for the strip a little early on my twitter.

Username: revvoice – you can also see it if you read #webcomics

G’nite all.