Happy April!

Ok, so if you haven’t noticed – there is a new post below this one. It’s an IN HIS LIKENESS: CALL TO ARMS!

I try and do this every 6 months or so. IHL isn’t hurting. It isn’t dying. It’s not even minorly scuffed. It just needs a bit of a kick in the ass I think. This is a call out to all of my friends and fans, comic creators or not, regular readers or occasional types. If you know of a place IHL can be pimped – pimp it or tell me where to do so. If you have a friend that you think would dig on the comic or just digs on webcomics in general – please let them know!

The Guest Strip week was my time to catch up on work. It actually ended up being my time to be away from IHL. In the last 5 years, I’ve taken only BRIEF breaks from the comic.. and 95% of those have been unnoticed by readers since I would have a buffer of updates ready. This time was my first REAL BREAK. I spent it to recharge the batteries, and I think it did a great bit of work. I’ve updated the software IHL loads on. I’ve done pages for the new IHL book. Now, it’s time to kick some ass and bring in new readers.

So help me kick some ass… please?