And so it begins….

First off – thank you once again to all of the talented and awesome people who donated their time and energy to Guest Week. I’ll do another one in another 600 strips or so…. =) Probably sooner.

COMING SOON: The Fan Section – Created by YOU!

Update to my travelogue! My favorite comic book store in the universe Wild Pig Comics is having it’s traditional 50% off sale on Saturday March 28th! Starting at noon you can find 50% off everything in the store.

Along with that, you can also see a spectrum of amazing comic talents all creating in the back of the store. This year’s line up is no different:
* Danielle Corsetto (Of ‘GirlsWhoWantToBeDudes.Com’) 😉
* David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, creators of DC’s online Zuda Comics werewolf western ‘High Moon’
* Pete Stathis, the creator of the acclaimed Evenfall series published by Blue Feather Press!
* Pin-up artist and ‘The Key’ creator Erica Hesse!
* Bill Ellis of!
* Peter and Robert Timony, creators of Zuda Comics “The Night Owls”
Oh.. and you know… me. =)

I’ll be there for the first 12 hours. Noon to Midnight. Come say hi if you are in the tri-state. Get a shitload of comics, and hang with some of the greatest assemblage talent ever assembled under the Wild Pig roof!

Til Sunday,