Here’s the announcement some of you have been waiting for! It’s GUEST WEEK at IHL!

WHEN: Shortly after strip #600… so you guys have until the end of the month to get your strips in.
HOW: I have spoken with a few webcomic creators, and will be speaking to more this week. Everyone’s comic will be featured, but that means that there will be some overlap.

What that means is that if I get 30 entries, that’s going to be 14 days of 2 comics every day. How crazy is that. All the comics will be featured in the queue for the guest period and then all will be moved to a separate page to be viewed at the end of the Guest Week. This will give me a chance to recharge my IHL batteries. Work on some new projects. Get my world in order, and have a nice buffer of strips to get us to our next big number, which is NOT 700. Muwahahaha.

THE RULES: I have to give one or two rules just so people know what they are doing.
– The strips should be as close to the original IHL size as possible. That’s JUST about 400×400 pixels.
– Go ahead and use other Gods that I might not have, but recognize they won’t be ‘canon’.
– Make sure to have YOUR name & website on there as well.

Enjoy, have fun. Entries need to be in by the last weekend of February. Any strips I receive March 1st or after won’t be used – but will be featured in the ‘FanArt/Guest Strip’ section.

Any questions, email me at

See ya Weds! – EDIT: Court’s right! See ya tomorrow!