I sure do.

I’m sorry. You guys have been asking about where the comic has been, and the answer is a bunch-fold. First off, I was having a hard time with the strip. For the first time in the history of IHL, I felt that I might have written myself into a stalemate. Dot-Writer’s-Block. I needed a few days off… I’m sure that it was work stress and New York ComicCon stress and Wicked Faire stress and IHL: Miskatonik stress and blah blah whine whine bitch bitch moan.

So, now the better part of this email. The ‘WHAT DO WE GET FOR YOU SCREWING UP’. I’m going to tell you what.
#1 – Next week, IHL will be updating 5 times! That’s right.. 5 updates! 5 strips! 5 blogs! Starting this Sunday!
#2GUEST WEEK! After strip 600, I’m giving you guys the strip for a week. I’ll have room for 10 comics. There is one or two minor criteria that I am going to be putting in there, but that week will be another 5 days of comics! All of the guest strips will be featured in the new FAN ART section which will be going up at the end of the Guest Week.
#3 – Next week is EXPLOSION WEEK! which is a webcomic meme that had it’s birth (I believe) at a Thai restaurant in NY this Saturday. Be on the look out for more details coming soon.

Finally, thank you guys once again for being there and being my fans. I’ve been really disappointed in myself over missing these last two strips. Dot knows what happens when I miss strips! So, I’m coming out of the gate firing and as the end of February brings us to strip 600.. I got myself ready to kick a lil dot.ass.

How was NYCC? I promise the stories to be told this upcoming week. I got 5 days of blogs to fill… give me a little slack. =)
Much love,