I’m working on stuff today..

I’m toying with the idea with a secondary strip (Third if you also count Rorschach). It wouldn’t update with the frequency of IHL or Rorschach, but it would be an occasional (probably upwards of once a week) – but it would be a subscription strip. I’ve toyed with this idea before, I might have even blogged about it. Anyway, it would go like this…

You would pay a dollar a month ($12 one time payment for a yearly subscription) and in exchange you would get a bunch of stuff:
– The new strip that is IHL based.
– IHL Desktops & Icons & things
– Discounts on new IHL merchandise
– Other incentives I haven’t thought of yet.

Now, I admit, what this means for me is more work. I’m ok with that, with the knowledge that I’m doing MORE IHL. If this system works, even those who aren’t paying in will be getting some new stuff too, and the original IHL strip would never stop or be put on hold for the subscribers. The subs though would get a regular dose of IHL – PLUS – a bunch of nifty online swag…

So, what do you all think? My thoughts are that even if I get a dozen of you out there that think this is a decent idea… I’ll probably do it, as (not to get into the gritty of it) that means that with you dozen, I’m paying for my hosting (which is admittedly not exceptionally expensive, but it still is an expense).