A non storyline comic! I feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

Two links that deserve mentioning:

One! I don’t remember if I posted about this, but over at Capes & Babes, Chris Flick needed a bartender for a strip and he used Danielle Corsetto’s Jameson, whom if you weren’t aware, is a caricature of yours truly. So now not only have I been featured in webcomics, but characters based on me have made cameos in other comics. I’m like King Meta!

Second off, friend David Dwonch has started his own webcomic! If you aren’t familiar with his work, I highly recommend finding a copy of Gnome which is this twisted little fairy tale that is fantastic! Anyway… he has started a webcomic he was talking with me about almost a year ago – please go check out Space Time Condo which is this amazingly high end concept that I think is going to take him far. Various versions of the same guy from various parallel universes all live together in the same apartment. Add in the fact that it’s done as a faux Canadian sitcom… it is just rife with awesomeness and I wish David all the luck in the world. Please, go check him out.

All that having been said – enjoy your weekend kiddies.