Ok – so I haven’t talked about it online. I’m talking about it briefly here. I got myself a job. Now what’s interesting about that is that while I was unemployed – I could have been doing any number of creative and inpsiring things. Now, what I’m sure any one of you on unemployment can verify – is that it’s not that simple! Unemployment is a sad and debauchorous[sic] thing.

Video games.. Television.. Dunkin Donuts are all so close and easier to reach than the creative kettle that is my brain. In this case, as with many others, a pondered kettle never boils… er something like that. Anyway – now that I have this job – I find the creative juices are flowwwwwin! Weird and completely counter-productive.. I know.

So yeah, I’m working AND I’m writing. Why can’t I just do one and not the other… Dot only knows.

Keep on truckin,