As a note – I knew from Halloween where I was going with this storyline. The idea popped into my head ‘GOD COURT!!’ and it rolled from there.

So aside from hoping everyone had a fantastic Turkey Day & Black Friday – I want to comment on something for a reader that won’t see this for awhile.

I have to approve comments. It’s just the way the system works. Until your IP is approved by me – no comments can be made. They just sit in a queue. Once you are a registered poster, meaning I’ve approved you – all your comments go live. It helps defeat the large doses of spam that IHL gets.

So yesterday, we got a new reader. That’s awesome. His name is Mike, and I know he’s a new reader because he left comments on strips 75 or so to 111. It made me laugh like an SOB. It starts with ‘How come nobody has commented on this?’ and ends with ‘Well, I’m going to go study.. great comic’

So when he gets up to strip #560 – I just want him to see a hello. =)

Have a great weekend folks.