Morning everyone.

So today is favor time. I know I got a lot of new fans, and so many old ones lingering around. I probably should do this on a Monday, but I’m feeling like today might be the day to start something new.

For those who use STUMBLEUPON, and have webcomics listed – you might have noticed that IHL appears there occasionally. That’s mostly thanks to my darling sister who in a fit of fangirlish glee went and thumbed up every single dot-damn strip.

I’m just asking that if you could – go and give this strip the big thumbs up. It’s small and innocuous on the small scale, but it really does help bring in new readers. If you don’t use Stumble, then don’t worry about this at all. Ignore it and go back to your life completely ignorant of this thing called Stumble… you are probably a more productive person because of it.

Much love to you all, and enjoy your weekend.