Promise made – Promise kept. Note,. these were taken from my cell phone, and I have about as steady of a hand as Michael J Fox on a treadmill. Also, looking at the photos.. it seems a lot messier than I feel it is. Ah well. Trust me, it’s a work in progress and every day looks a little better. Once I have it set and clean – I’ll give you another tour.

So let’s enter the room.. all of us.

Here’s where the magic gets ignored in lieu of using STUMBLE UPON, reading comics, and my overflowing bookshelves.

Now where the magic happens to other people… the TV, and hiding behind the tour is the X-Box!

Now where the magic fails… the bed. Note all of the comic statues that I set-up a few hours before these photos were taken! As Chris from WildPig said, “Hope those shelves are sturdy… if they fall down.. it would be both sad and hysterical.”

Want to leave? You CAN’T! The door is closed! HAHA.. TRAPPED. Ok.. so the gratuitous male posters of Emma Frost and Bettie Page. Note the cute Toy Story alien poking his head out. He’ll be on the wall sometime soon.

And now, Marvin the Paranoid Android (whom is a Kiss fan if you didn’t know…) waves good-bye to you. Note, I’m not a Kiss fan. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Erik from the Rabblecast is.
Note: After I posted this I noted that two of the visible books are Dragonlance: LEGENDS and Erotic Fairy Tales. This probably says waaaaay too much about my brain. I guess no more than on the shelf above having the Bhagavita next to Douglas Adams and the Trial of Lenny Bruce…

See ya Sunday!