Sorry for the lateness on today’s strip. It was not forgetfulness… it was lack of internet.

The brief, but altogether amusing story, goes like this.

I’ve been stealing internet from the folks who live upstairs. My house has internet. The problem is that the walls of my house are made of something akin to a mixture of paint, plaster, steel, lead, wood, tar, and some foreign substance we shall refer henceforth to as ‘AGENT R’ and for whatever reason the wireless on my compy SEES the network but doesn’t altogether CONNECT to the network. Not to mention, that network is a bit topsy turvy to begin with.

Well, everyone in this house (both the upstairs neighbors and myself & my roomies) is moving. Yesterday afternoon, my artful theft of the internet was cut due to the fact that they unplugged their Mac Airport, which somehow was able to power through the ceiling easier than the house wireless could work it’s way through ‘AGENT R’. So I’ve been without internet, until I, with my stealth like ninja skills and amazing technical prowess… went into the room with the wireless router and moved it. How far you may ask? Roughly 4 inches into a more open area.

So not only have I not had internet for 24 hours… I’ve not had internet for idiotic reasons.

Hope you like the strip.. I’m going to now go touch the stove and run with scissors.