So let me first apologize about the unprecedented 24 hours that this strip was late. I mean, I guess I can qualify it as ok since it’s a vacation weekend, but I hate being this late for IHL. Makes me feel silly.

The reasoning is computer based and lame. I’m not getting into it, but it’s fixed now.

Let’s talk about new things though. I’m thinking of starting a new comic. All of these questions I’ve been asking you over the past few months kind have been for a real purpose. It’s not that I’m ending IHL. Most definitely not. I have at LEAST 3 storylines in the brain queue and more will appear as I think of em. Anyway, IHL will continue on with the same regularity. (He says 24 hours late…) — My theory though is that IHL needs to find a grander audience, at the same time – I’ve come up with an idea for a new webcomic, but I don’t want it to EVER infect the work I’ve done on IHL. There are a few creators out there whom are doing secondary strips. Some relate to their source work. Some don’t. Mine won’t at all.

This is actually a pretty unique concept (I think) in that I will be setting a day and time aside where I will be working on the strip. (Tentatively, Monday night 8 – 9pm). During that time, you will be able to log onto a website and not only watch as I’m creating the comic, but interact with me while I’m doing it. The comic will be entitled Rorschach and where I can’t promise that the strip is going to be a massive success, I think there is a great possibility for it to be a fun project in how a creator interacts with his audience. I will admit, that there are opportunities for me to monetize it as well, but that’s not anything I’ve ever cared about PRIMARILY.

So. I’ll have more information later this week, as I work out all of the details, but I do believe next Monday, the new idea is going to get a test run before I start advertising it around. You folks, of course, will get first dibs.

So hope you had a good holiday – much love,