I toldja you get a longer post today, so you do.

Went to PiCon, and I’m not going to say much about the show. It was entirely not what I was expecting. It definitely is a show that has a lot of potential, but they haven’t quite found their niche yet. I look forward to seeing how the show evolves over time.

Next off! You want polls, you’ll get polls.. geez you guys are pushy. I have a good poll for ya, and maybe that will cap off on Friday or Sunday – I just need to find a nice piece of software to try it out with. I think WordPress comes with one. I’ll research.

Finally, it is with utter and sheer happy joy joy that I can tell you that I have been invited back to SugoiCon – the show down in Kentucky that had me as one of their special guests last year. Apparently, I impressed them SO much that they felt it would only be right for the Dots to return. I’m completely thrilled that I get to go back and see all of the friends I met last year and hopefully indotrinate more folks. (That’s a new one for you folks… Indotrinate.)

Next stop – Comic Geek Speak Supershow. I’m going to do my best to have another t-shirt order in by then.. and Dots be praised, I hope it comes through.

Ok – now it’s time for a request as I do occasionally. I’m once again looking for new ways to promote IHL to the masses. I’ve taken advice that I got from XKCD’s madman Randall Munroe (whom I got to interview for PiCon.. how neat!) and am now leaving inhislikeness.com as my signature everywhere I go. I’m not asking that of you guys, but feel free. I’m more looking to figure out ways that I might be missing out on to bring MORE people to the site to see the fruits of my many labors.

Ok, enough for tonight. If all goes well, I’m going to have another special announcement this weekend. We’ll see.