Can I tell you how weird it is to be writing numbers after 500. I built it up and built it up in my head. I hounded on sitting and watching the comments come in. If I had been home all of Friday, I would have been a refresh geek. It was obsession at it’s worst.

Now though it’s time to grow and move on. The first step of course is the Tattoo Contest. That will culminate next week. There will be another update with all the new entries on Friday.

Two other things of note:
One – Thanks to a very incredible fan who donated the site just because. This isn’t a push for donations, I promise. I just want that person to know that I appreciate it to no end and it was above and beyond.

Two – Livejournal user dobbin477 joined in an auction that I didn’t advertise – partly because I never think to do that about little obscurities – anyway. It was an auction for doing a personalized IHL print where the entire donation goes to a charity pushing same sex marriages. He won the piece, and maybe after it’s done, he’ll share it with you all.

All that having been said, enjoy your week. The next week of the strip should be lots of fun as you get to hang out with the Angelettes a little individually. =)