Afternoon all,

I just don’t have a lot to say right now. I know normally I’m just a barrel of laughs and things to talk about – but in the process of getting my life in order, the last IHL related step was Pittsburgh. That’s not to say IHL is going anywhere, far from it. Pittsburgh was a time for me to get new product (The shirts) together at the same time of replenishing my stock of original IHL material. (Original books Viva Las Vegas and the Meph Books) Now that I have all of that stuff restocked I’m all about writing the new IHL book, which I’ll be giving some previews of in a few weeks, but also working on an exciting anthology book with Christi of In The Puddle.

Teasey Teasey Teasey. Also, I know there were some mixed reviews on doing the wallpaper. I am going to try it, and I appreciate those who had critiques against it. If it doesn’t look good, or if it doesn’t get any response, then I’ll probably not do it again, but what’s it hurt… 🙂

Til Sunday.