Oh what a week it’s been…

So, I did a few jobs for a guy a few months back. The last one ended abruptly with him not calling me back. He said he emailed me, yadda yadda… anyway. He called me back and there is the possibility that I might be changing career paths. No no no no campers, I’ll still be shilling dots to you mofos for years to come, I meant the career that pays bills. You know, until the Dot Revolution thwarts the world and I just sit on my throne of dollar bills. So that’s what the cryptic and quiet Weds post was about.

Now onto important things:
1 – Go check out The Wicked Faire Report as done by WRAJ Radio. I’m in there somewhere shilling the Dot Madness. Never seen me? Now you can.
2 – Guess what next week is… not to be shameless, but it’s my birthday! So what can the world of comics get me? It can get me a special guest spot on a podcast! The day of my birfday, I’ll be recording over at Big Kev’s studio for BIG KEV’S GEEK STUFF. I’ll let you know when the episode goes live, but I want to thank Matt of Big Kev’s for making this happen.
3 – I do believe that Miss Corsetto over at Stupids with Stupidshots has taken her “fictional character” of “James”on for granted. I’m going to have something really sneaky in store for her that I will need all your help on… pay attention to this spot on Sunday for more on that.

G’nite all,