There’s the big reveal. Chris: God of Redeemable Zombies.

What the hell does THAT mean!?!? You’ll learn in the next two strips. For now though, bask in the thought process of what it MIGHT mean and enjoy the strip.

By the way, did you tell your local comic store to start carrying Ape! Entertainment’s COMICS NOW? If you did, then you got your second issue thrown into your pull box this week! Featured in it is the second edition of ‘LIKENESS 101’ the quasi-spin-off of IHL, and JOE SCHMOE, the quasi-spin-off of Girls With Slingshots!

Just a huge thank you to the guys at Comic Geek Speak for allowing me the honor of being involved in the project. It’s nice to read a comic magazine that plays with long form articles and features the greatest comic masterminds of all time… err.. ya know.. me. (I keed I keed). Anyway, I’ll see you on Friday, and remember if you happen to be in the tri-state area to consider going to the WILD PIG COMICS 24 HOUR COMICPALOOZA! where you will see a cubic asston of talent doing 24 HOUR COMICS and the whole store will be 50% off.

Lastly, I’m going and meeting the t-shirt printer this week. Expect an update on that later in the week (Sunday the latest).

Much love,