Just wow. I posted that image as a thought that it was time to do a t-shirt. Who knew it was so well past that time and into the next year of my life? Who knew that I would get record comments for finding out that I need to make you people Dot-Wear. WHO KNEW!? Apparently, about 20 of you. I’ve spent the last two days finding a t-shirt vendor to work with me, and I think I found the best one. My hope is that after I go meet with them, I’ll be able to do banners and shirts and sweatshirts and panties and whatever else with them…

That’s the hope. (Also, I’ll be able to do the t-shirts at reasonable prices)

So thank you completely to all who commented and will pre-order when I put up the button for it. The pre-order price is definitely going to be cheaper than the ‘when I got em” price, so it’ll be worth at least a couple books in your pocket.

Again, the response has completely flabbergasted me and makes me all the happier for being here.

As a quick aside, you should go and check out The Devil’s Panties. I have been making appearances the last week or so. I apparently am blessedly fun to draw.

Dot be with you all,